Hello y bienvenidos a Johanny’s Kitchen.

My name is Johanny Casillas (you can call me Jo). I’m a  mother, wife, daughter and sister. I am also the cook of the house, the maid, my daughter’s Chauffeur and everything that as a woman I can add to the list. But I love it! I Love my family and spending time with them.

I started this blog as a way to share recipes. But don’t be fool by the name, Johanny’s Kitchen is a place where I share not only recipes, but ideas, tips and of course a LOT of pictures.

What you need to know….

  • All the pictures are taken by me unless otherwise stated.
  • My cooking skills come from my mom and grandmother.
  • Also, I learned some basic cooking skills when I went to school for business management and tourism.
  • I cook for fun and all recipes are mine, but if I prepare a dish which original recipe is from someone else; I will give credit to the original cook and source.

Thanks for stopping by my small slice of this thing called the internet and don’t forget, if you want to share ideas or chat with me…

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